Pup Joint

A pup joint is Casing, Pipe or Tubing shorter in length than a standard tubular string. This allows for the adjustment and installation of tools and various tubular components when placement downhole is critical for a specific project. A Spacer Pipe is another reference used to identify pup joints. Pup joint features consist of connections, lengths, weights and material grade.

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Washover Pipe

A washover pipe is Casing or Pipe shorter in length than a standard tubular string. Made of large-diameter pipe with a cutting surface at the tip, washover pipe is run in the well and then the cutting edge grinds the fish to a smooth surface and continues normal operations.

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Blast Joint

A blast joint is shorter in length than standard tubular joint. Built with a heavy wall pipe it is incorporated in the production string to facilitate production across any perforated interval and zone.

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List Sub

A lift sub falls under the drillstring accessory tool category and utilized to mobilize various tools during drilling or fishing operations.

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Saver Sub

A saver sub falls under the drillstring accessory tool category and a short pipe that is replaceable and expendable without a major investment. This accessory protects the Kelly or topdrive component threads and those components represent a significant capital cost and considerable downtime when replaced.

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Circulating Sub

A circulating sub falls under the downhole accessory tool category that regulates flow rates, especially drilling in slimhole wells or wellbore cleanout projects.

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Side-Entry Sub

A side-entry sub falls under the drilling tool accessory category to allow various drilling, fishing, wireline operations through drill pipe without interference from the rig's top drive unit

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