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Casing Swage

Crossover casing swedges are an economical method of repairing collapsed casing. The swedge can also be used as drift prior to running production tools to ensure no restriction down hole. The swedge has a shallow taper on the bottom end to allow for efficient swedging and a taper on the top for easy entry into tight spots on the return trip.

Crossover casing swedges have generous fluid passages milled helically in the body OD to ensure 360 degrees swedging and ease of tripping. It may be advisable on occasion to use multiple swedges with varying OD’s to return casing to usable size. For maximum effect and safety, Crossover recommends that these casing swedges be run using drill collars, bumper sub and jars.

When ordering or requesting a quote, please specify:

  • Size & weight of casing to be swaged
  • OD of body
  • Top Connection
  • Fish Neck Diameter
  • OD of Swage