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Reverse Circulating Junk Basket

reverse circulating junkbasket

A major problem impeding drill operation is the accumulation of junk on the bottom of the well. Rock bit cones, bearings, broken slips, bits of wireline, various hand tools, slivers and debris from twistedoff drill strings, and mill cuttings are just some examples of the type of junk that can be recovered by any one of the Crossover junk recovery systems.

Reverse Circulation Junk Basket

The reverse circulating junk basket (RCB) is a superior tool for removal of such items as slips, hand tools, and any other small pieces of junk form the well. The RC uses reverse circulation to aid in the recovery of debris.

Operational Components

The RCB consists of a reversing sub with intergral ball seat and reversing valve, a barrel, jund catcher, and mill shoe.
The reversing valve on the RCB is a permanent part of the tool and requires no maintenance other than normal clean up between jobs.


Two types of shoes are available to fit the Crossover reverse circulation junk basket.

  • Type B shoe- This shoe has cutting teeth dressed with sintered tungsten carbide.
  • Type C shoe- This is a flat bottom shoe dressed with sintered tungsten carbide.


The junk basket is run into the hole. When bottom is reached, normal circulation is begun. The basket is slowly rotated. A ball is then dropped and pumped down to indicate circulation at the tool.

The coring action is then begun. This, combined with the reverse circulation, guarantees that any junk on the bottom is pumped up into the barrel and caught by the catcher assembly. The tool is removed from the hole after cutting 24 inches of core.