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Rope Spear

rope spear The Crossover rope spear is one of the most reliable and efficient tools of its type. The smallest tools, used for retrieving wireline, are of solid construction. The larger tools, for retrieving control line and rubber control line protectors, have a through bore for circulation purposes. These tools are utilized in offshore completion workover operations. The tools feature a simple design with barbs welded onto the shank. The rope spear can be ordered either straight or crankshaft type (as pictured).

OD Connection Size Fishing Neck Overall Length Weight (lbs)
Stop plates for the rope spear are also available.
Custom sizes are available.
3 ⅜ 2 ⅜ IF 3 ⅜ 5 feet 60
4 ¾ 3 ½ IF 4 ¾ 6 feet 70
6 ½ 4 ½ IF 6 ½ 8 feet 90

When ordering or requesting a quote, please specify:

  • Tool size
  • Casing size
  • Connection, other sizes, etc.
  • Stop plate size