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Wireline Re-Entry Guides

wireline re-entry guide with half mule shoeCrossover Wireline Re-Entry Guides are used for the safe re-entry of wireline tools from the casing back into the tubing string. Threaded on the top end and beveled on the bottom end, they are attached to the bottom of the production string. They have a standard, driftable ID. They are made of one piece construction and available in any grade. They are also available in mule shoe or half-mule shoe configurations. .

Specification Guide

Size* Ball Diameter* Nominal ID
After Shifting
Standard Thread
Specification Box Up**
*Standard ball size. Other sizes available upon request
**Standard thread specified. Other sizes available upon request
2 ⅞" 1 ¾" 2.437" 2 ⅞" EU 8 RD
3 ½" 2 ½" 3.000" 3 ½" EU 8 RD


wireline re-entry sub drawing